Happy Holidays from the Short One!

I know I haven’t posted in awhile BUT I do have a few posts saved in my drafts… I just need to finish them all up!

I wanted to hop on here and wish all of my wonderful readers a very merry Christmas and happy holidays! No matter what holiday you celebrate, may it be filled with joy and happiness and the love of your family and friends.

I was blessed enough to spend both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with my family. Even Chris was present for X-mas Eve! It was a Christmas miracle 🙂

I will be posting in the next few days (aka probably spamming you all before I head to the Outer Banks again for New Years). Be on the lookout for my New Year’s Resolutions and my opinion on a pretty hot topic that all of you fitness lovers will like and chime in on!

Pictures to come later too!!

How were your holidays? Are there any Christmas traditions that you must do each year?


Failure: Again.

As per usual, I tell myself I am going to blog ALLLL the time and keep it updated and fresh with a variety of material and BAM…nothing. I apologize and once again, I am going to say that I am going to try to keep this updated. I’ve actually come up with a few content ideas for the next week or so, so hopefully they all make it up!

Nothing much has drastically changed in my life since my last post anyway. Life as an intern is basically as you would imagine it to be: long days, some meaningless tasks, and having to find a way to make money teaching swim lessons in the time that I’m not working. I must say though, I am incredibly lucky with my situation this summer. Having two internships while some of my friends are STILL applying for one, and throughly enjoying myself at both of them is a dream come true. I work with some amazingly smart and kind people, and I’m getting to experience a whole new world in both the finance/exchange and fashion worlds. The stuff I do all day long truly makes an impact in the respective company and I get to see my world play into a larger role. Whether its making the sales powerpoint that gets used that afternoon in a hugh client meeting, or commenting on an Instagram that gets a reply by one of the biggest fashion blogger out there. It’s an amazing feeling.

As a little self promotion here, everyone should go check out the Hidden Baby blog at http://www.hiddenbaby.com/blogs/baby-blog (don’t worry- its not about babies so if you’re not a mommy, its relevant to you!) I’ve been helping come up with some of their content for posts. The most recent post is on National Doughnut Day, which if you were unaware, was yesterday. Sadly, I didn’t actually get a doughnut yesterday, which is a shock to me because I absolutely love doughnuts (although I’m not too sure my diet really allows for them… oh well). Anywho, their blog has some great stuff and their products are amazing!! Check them out. Seriously. Their twitter is also @hiddenbaby and I do the majority of the posts on that as well!

I’m going to actually start blogging about all the stuff I truly want to write about tomorrow, as its after 11 pm where I am in Jersey. Not exactly ideal time to be writing up a storm!

Enjoy your night!