HOME for the Holidays

The day I’ve been waiting for has FINALLY come! The day that the fall semester ends and I get to go home! While my finals technically finished last Thursday, I hung around Loyola going to my internship and doing my take-home finals since Chris didn’t take his last final till this afternoon. Once 4:30pm hit today, we were on the road back to Jersey. Two and a half hours later, we pulled into my driveway and I seriously thought I was going to kiss the pavement (if it wasn’t 20 degrees out, I probably would have). I couldn’t be happier to have a break from all of the work and stress that I’ve been dealing with this semester.

There are so many great things about being home. Spending time with my family, constant snuggles with my puppy, the ability to actually have time to workout and focus on getting my butt back into gear. There’s just no time constraints at home. So care-free!

Right now, I’m too elated to even write a full length post. There will be a Tuesday Morning Reading tomorrow at some point, once I get myself all settled in. But at this moment, there’s a puppy waiting for a belly rub that I am ohh so happy to give!


Syd’s happy to see me!

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