Third Times the Charm?

Remember that post where I swore up and down that I wouldn’t disappear again, like I did this spring? Yeah…about that…

So that brings us to today; hopefully that good ‘ole saying “third time’s the charm” is true. Honestly, I’m not sure there’s a specific reason that I stopped blogging. School started and things just went from there. BUT the good side is that I’ve gotten so much done this semester, I’m not sure how I’m still alive (if I can even still be considered living in my current state of mess).

Junior year: the hell year. It was that way in high school and I’d heard mixed thoughts on junior year in college. I thought I was going to be fine and could handle whatever life threw at me. I’m usually pretty good at it. I spoke too soon this year. Turns out, it’s really difficult to manage 15 hours of schoolwork, 15 hours at an internship, 10 hours of swim lessons, 20 hours of rowing a week, PLUS homework and studying and having somewhat of a collegiate social life. Healthy eating and working out didn’t even make the cut. Sleep and showers hardly make it half the days. Oh-my-lanta. 

Don’t get me wrong. I couldn’t be happier and more blessed. I got accepted to be the Marketing and Event Intern at Baltimore Magazine and I absolutely love it. I spend my days helping plan events for both the primary magazine and the Baltimore Bride magazine. I get to pick community events for the magazine to partner with. My bosses are super cool and I get to attend the events we plan. I’m actually going to a happy hour-like event tonight. Who doesn’t love dressing up and looking cute on a school night??

I also was able to find a pool down here in Charm City to teach swim lessons at. Job –> Check! I have to fund my shopping addiction somehow. It’s also super close to school and Chris works there as well so all is good. Yes, it does take away from work out and homework time, but money is money. It’s an essential part of this world (and even more so of the college world) so I put up with it. 

Speaking of the beau, we have officially surpassed our one year anniversary together! It seemed like such a short amount of time, but yet on Oct. 18, we hit a year (much to the surprise of everyone). Apparently, when you look at average college relationships, a year is basically a lifetime. I’ve been ask so many times how I manage to stay faithful to him when we go out on the weekends and everything. Like, what? What have people come to? Is it really that difficult for people to stay monogamous? It’s shocking/depressing to me. Maybe I’ve just been lucky. Either way, we’re doing really good 🙂

As for an update on the BMore life, there’s not much to say. Mother Nature, start paying attention here. It’s cold. Like really cold. Yet, we got no snow, while the rest of the clan in Jersey got some. What the frick?? I want snow. If I’m going to have to wear 5 layers of clothing to practice, it better snow. Otherwise, bring back the sunshine and 80 degree weather. 

This time I PROMISE that I will keep this updated. I already have a post ready to go for Tuesday Morning Reading this week 🙂 I think all of you younginns will enjoy it. It’s pretty darn entertaining. 

Now go back to doing the work you should be doing instead of reading my ramblings! xx


Lazy Tuesday

Today was supposed to be one of those days where I am really active, up and about cleaning and packing all day, intermixed with working out and teaching swim lessons. Is that how the day is turning out? Not at all.

Maybe its because it was truly monsooning here this morning, or the fact that my insomnia has been back with a vengence, but I was just not feeling it today. I did manage to get up and haul my butt to the gym and get in 1.5 miles on the treadmill (with some walking; don’t judge) and I did teach a swim lesson, but other than that, my lazy butt has been seated on the couch catching up with RHONJ and painting my nails.

It’s sad to think about how close I am to going back to school and that I have to start getting myself in gear. It may be 2 and a half weeks away, but considering ill be in OBX for alittle over a week, time to start moving. My room is still a disaster from when I came home for the summer back in May. Probably should start shoving it all back into boxes now…

And I can’t even begin to think about packing for vacation. I’ll be going with Chris’s family and I have no idea what they do down there, besides hit the beach. Packing is going to be a disaster. I can feel it.

The only other productive thing that I got done with today is some instagramming for my internship. If you haven’t yet, go check out @hiddenbaby on instagram and twitter and give them some love. Even if you don’t love their style now, just give it a week or so and you’ll see why I’m pointing you in their direction!

Hope you all are being more productive than me! Sorry for this worthless post that you just spent your time reading…Maybe you’re being lazier than I am!

Tuesday Morning Reading


Sitting at my desk this morning, catching up on the news, I came across an article on Fortune that really stuck out to me and I thought it had some really good advice for young people like myself in it, and I thought I’d share!130701114910-cyrus-massoumi-620xa

The article features Cyrus Massoumi (pictured above- credit to Fortune), the CEO of ZocDoc and was in their Brainstorm Tech Spotlight section. It features 10 questions that were asked of the CEO regarding his opinions on school, clearing his head, and the business world as a whole. I think he poses some really good points in his answers; I found them inspiring as a future success (hopefully) business leader.

He says that ” it’s better to try and fail, than fail to try”. I think this applies to anyone and everyone. As a college student, trying to apply for internships and jobs and make connections, I need to realize this. Half the time, I’ll be considering applying for something but will be too afraid to because it’s a huge company or firm and I know that there will be hundreds of other students applying for the same position. Honestly, what’s going to be the harm in trying? If you don’t step up to do something, you have absolutely 0 chance of making it happen. I think this is good to keep in mind when you’re questioning doing something.

Another thing I loved is that he says he runs to clear his head! Even big CEO’s get out there and hit the pavement like us to clear their head and get a good workout in. Nothing fancy. Just good old running. Gotta love it!

He also provides some insight into what students should do when they are trying to break into the job market. According to him, take risks. Apply for that job that you don’t fit their requirments excatly, or the job that might not be in the concentration that you thought you’d get into. He says, “Don’t disregard a potential job opportunity just because your experience doesn’t perfectly match up with the description—you’ll be surprised what you might find.”

Just some light reading I thought I’d share. Definitely check out the article to read all of his answers. It’s a good insight into the brain of someone so high up in the business world.

Intern Lessons + Pilates!

As this dreary Monday comes to a close, I’ve learned a few things while sitting in my cubicle at my internship today. I thought I’d share these wonderful intern-life lessons with you all! (…lol)

  1. Clothing: Make sure you check the weather before you leave the house. Wearing a brand new pair of ALDO flats on a day that it’s supposed to pour and storm so badly that there is a tornado warning, is really not a great idea. It results in some very wet shoes
  2. Lunch: Bring your own. If you work in an office that is all guys, as I do, lunch is always an issue. Unhealthy food is a frequent occurrence and you best be prepared for it. Usually, on Mondays, the company orders in either pizza or sandwiches, which I am completely fine with. However, today was Chipotle Day. Not a great decision when I feel bloated and disgusting for the remainder of the day. Some cardio and pilates were definitely needed!
  3. Attitude: Roll with the punches. Another lesson learned from working in an office with all guys: if they ask about your relationship with your boyfriend, be prepared to be embarrassed. I had an awkward moment today where they were asking about our relationship and it got mad awkward…real fast. Thankfully, it was all laughed off in the end. I only blushed alittle.
  4. Boredom: Some days are boring. It’s just the normal business cycle. Like today. Where I was at the office from 8 am to 5 pm and I didn’t do a SINGLE thing. I caught up on the news though. But in the intern life, be prepared for slow days at the office. You just have to make the best out of it. It’s not because they don’t like the work you do. It’s just one of those days.

Onto my pilates experience… I’ve decided that, since I have stopped lifting weights as much as I used too and have focused more on cardio, I need to incorporate some sort of strength training/toning routine into my mix. I tried the Pilates Mat class at RWJ Rahway Fitness and Wellness Center in Scotch Plains, NJ. It’s the health club that I teach my swim lessons and masters swimming classes at. I truly love the gym and all of the group fitness classes there, but this was the first time that I tried the pilates class. I thought it was going to be somewhat easy. Man, was I wrong. Before the warm-up even ended, my inner thighs were fatigued and shaking and I thought I was going to die. As I started paying more attention to my breathing and really listening to the instructor, it got easier. I have to do the easy version of a lot of the exercises, but for some that were more ab-focused, I was able to go up a level or so. My instructor, Cathy, was great with giving us different modifications to do, depending on our comfort and experience level. At the end, I did feel like I got a good workout in. Plus, it was a good way to wind down my Monday. I’ll definitely be back!

As the summer progresses on, I really want to get into a solid intern-gym-social life routine that I can stick to. Lately, I’ve been so off-track and have not gotten nearly enough done in any category of my life! Time to change that!

The City Life

I am finally getting used to commuting into the city. I’ve seen my dad do it every day since I was born, but besides going into NYC for concerts or to spend the day there with friends, I’ve never been an avid city-goer. Now that I have to go into the city once a week for my internship, I have a new respect for people who do it everyday.

I’m extremely lucky that my hometown has a train station that goes directly to Newark, and from then I hop onto the PATH train. I used to be getting off at 14th street, as the office building I was working out of was on 18th. However, the location of the co-working space moved on us and was now on 23rd and today was my first day going there. The down side? I had NO idea where I was going. I was just getting good at finding my way to the old building, and that’s with the run-through I did right before the internship started. Today, I was all on my own. It didn’t help that I was running a bit late; hoping off the train at 9:26 when I needed to be in the office by 9:30. So as I’m running around 23rd looking for this building, iPhone in hand with Maps doing its magic, I must have looked like the stereotypical new person in New York City. Nevermind that I’ve been going in for 5 weeks now. It was essentially a whole new experience for me.

I have to give props to the people who do commute every day though (getting back on track here…) Navigating the trains and trying to find a seat in the middle of rush hour is a headache in itself, nevertheless being crammed between people on the PATH trains. Man, do they really fill those trains before they pull away from the platform. And if you get stuck next to the person who didn’t shower that morning, well you’re in for a longgg ride. I’m getting the hang of pushing through people in a mad dash to get a seat and have somewhat mastered the art of train surfing without holding on to anything (only in flats though. heels? another story) By the end of the summer, I’m sure I’ll be a pro.

One of those days…

Today was by far one of those days that I thought was never going to end and considering its midnight now, it still hasn’t.

I woke up and everything seemed to go wrong this morning. Breakfast and getting ready took longer than usual, I hit a ton of traffic getting to my internship, and as soon as I got there, I had a pile of things to do. I said goodbye to my normal morning routine of getting in, checking the news, and chatting with the guy who sits next to me at our bench. Nope, straight into work. And that basically didn’t stop till lunch.

For lunch, we went to Millburn Deli, which if you live in the central Jersey area and you haven’t been, you essentially haven’t lived. They make the absolute best sandwiches I have ever had. They’re huge too and so filling, but so good that you don’t want to stop (I never do…) I have a grilled chicken sandwich on baguette and it was heavenly. Just what I needed to get me through the next 4 hours of the day till I got to go home.

The afternoon went by sooooo slow. I had basically nothing to do, which was the polar opposite of the morning. I guess a downside of getting stuff done quickly is that once it’s done, you kind of have to sit around. 5 o’clock could not come faster. Until it was 5:01 and we were all getting ready to leave and one of the SVPs came up to me asking me to do one last thing for him….wonderful. I got it done and managed to get out of there before 5:20 and began my drive home in the POURING rain. All this rain this summer is really starting to bum me out. Where’s the sun?

Life got better when I got home. My mom and I went to the mall because she had to get an outfit for my brothers graduation party this weekend. We ended up getting our eyebrows threaded too. It was my first time getting them threaded; I usually get them waxed because I hate the feeling of plucking and how long it takes. I actually enjoyed getting them threaded. It wasn’t too painful and was really quick. Plus, it is definitely a lot more sanitary then getting them waxed. I’ve heard horror stories of people getting skin diseases from waxing because some of the places aren’t sanitary and essentially double dip. I love the lady who waxes mine to death and the place is spotless, but hey, it was something new. I ended up going to Nordstroms to try to find a cute pair of wedges and they were totally sold out of anything my size. We then walked to Macys and I got a nice pair but I think they are a little too high for me. Even though I’m only 5 feet tall and can use all the height I can get, these might be a little over the top. Ill post a picture tomorrow. I’ve decided I’m going to order these from Nordstroms and if they fit, I’ll return the ones that I got at Macy’s. What do you guys think??

Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 12.09.06 AM

I think they’re really cute and could go with a lot. We’ll see how they fit when they come in. Lastly, we headed over to H&M to see if they had any white blazers (as I am convinced they are the perfect item to have in everyone’s closet). They had some along with a HUGEEEE sale so I got a bunch of stuff. Ill post all of that tomorrow in a haul-like post. Not to brag; just to show you guys what I got! Seriously though, if you’re near an H&M, GO. The sale is totally worth it and while I’m not a huge fan of them normally, their stuff on sale is great because its super cheap and you can find a lot of basic pieces there.

Which brings me to now. Sitting in bed, catching up on some blogs. How’d your day go??


Failure: Again.

As per usual, I tell myself I am going to blog ALLLL the time and keep it updated and fresh with a variety of material and BAM…nothing. I apologize and once again, I am going to say that I am going to try to keep this updated. I’ve actually come up with a few content ideas for the next week or so, so hopefully they all make it up!

Nothing much has drastically changed in my life since my last post anyway. Life as an intern is basically as you would imagine it to be: long days, some meaningless tasks, and having to find a way to make money teaching swim lessons in the time that I’m not working. I must say though, I am incredibly lucky with my situation this summer. Having two internships while some of my friends are STILL applying for one, and throughly enjoying myself at both of them is a dream come true. I work with some amazingly smart and kind people, and I’m getting to experience a whole new world in both the finance/exchange and fashion worlds. The stuff I do all day long truly makes an impact in the respective company and I get to see my world play into a larger role. Whether its making the sales powerpoint that gets used that afternoon in a hugh client meeting, or commenting on an Instagram that gets a reply by one of the biggest fashion blogger out there. It’s an amazing feeling.

As a little self promotion here, everyone should go check out the Hidden Baby blog at (don’t worry- its not about babies so if you’re not a mommy, its relevant to you!) I’ve been helping come up with some of their content for posts. The most recent post is on National Doughnut Day, which if you were unaware, was yesterday. Sadly, I didn’t actually get a doughnut yesterday, which is a shock to me because I absolutely love doughnuts (although I’m not too sure my diet really allows for them… oh well). Anywho, their blog has some great stuff and their products are amazing!! Check them out. Seriously. Their twitter is also @hiddenbaby and I do the majority of the posts on that as well!

I’m going to actually start blogging about all the stuff I truly want to write about tomorrow, as its after 11 pm where I am in Jersey. Not exactly ideal time to be writing up a storm!

Enjoy your night!