Happy Holidays from the Short One!

I know I haven’t posted in awhile BUT I do have a few posts saved in my drafts… I just need to finish them all up!

I wanted to hop on here and wish all of my wonderful readers a very merry Christmas and happy holidays! No matter what holiday you celebrate, may it be filled with joy and happiness and the love of your family and friends.

I was blessed enough to spend both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with my family. Even Chris was present for X-mas Eve! It was a Christmas miracle 🙂

I will be posting in the next few days (aka probably spamming you all before I head to the Outer Banks again for New Years). Be on the lookout for my New Year’s Resolutions and my opinion on a pretty hot topic that all of you fitness lovers will like and chime in on!

Pictures to come later too!!

How were your holidays? Are there any Christmas traditions that you must do each year?


HOME for the Holidays

The day I’ve been waiting for has FINALLY come! The day that the fall semester ends and I get to go home! While my finals technically finished last Thursday, I hung around Loyola going to my internship and doing my take-home finals since Chris didn’t take his last final till this afternoon. Once 4:30pm hit today, we were on the road back to Jersey. Two and a half hours later, we pulled into my driveway and I seriously thought I was going to kiss the pavement (if it wasn’t 20 degrees out, I probably would have). I couldn’t be happier to have a break from all of the work and stress that I’ve been dealing with this semester.

There are so many great things about being home. Spending time with my family, constant snuggles with my puppy, the ability to actually have time to workout and focus on getting my butt back into gear. There’s just no time constraints at home. So care-free!

Right now, I’m too elated to even write a full length post. There will be a Tuesday Morning Reading tomorrow at some point, once I get myself all settled in. But at this moment, there’s a puppy waiting for a belly rub that I am ohh so happy to give!


Syd’s happy to see me!

The FINAL Stretch!

Ha! I made a funny up there! See it? Do you?? Finals week has officially begun here at LUMD and I’m already going a tad delusional… (Now you see the terrible pun in the title don’t you?)

The most dreaded time of the year for all college students had started. Procrastinating that leads to cramming, unhealthy amount of coffee, and absolutely no working out or getting dressed in the morning at all. It’s terrible. 



BUT on the bright side, it snowed here in Baltimore! So there’s some white hope outside the windows of the Study right now, reminding me that this week will be over soon. One week from this afternoon, I will be heading back to Jersey for a MONTH at home. I cannot be happier 🙂 

A few realizations:

  1. Baltimore is terrible at plowing and salting. So is Loyola. I wasn’t able to get to my internship today because my car was basically snowed in in the lot and I knew the roads were just as bad. Ice everywhereeeee.
  2. I procrastinated way too much all semester. Either that, or I had a significantly easier semester and just now the teachers are piling everything on to get finished. Whichever it is, all of a sudden, I have a pile of work that is taller than I am (literally…) Because of this, I have to spend my day in the Study trying to get done as much as possible with my time that I now have free because of my inability to go into the office. 
  3. I really want to redo the theme of my blog. Like, have one done for me. I’m also thinking about moving my blog to a self-hosted platform. 
  4. How the Grinch Stole Christmas is my favorite movie EVER and is a great procrastination tool.
  5. Only eating a bagel, pizza, and sour gummy worms during the course of a day will lead to a terrible tummy ache.
  6. I haven’t done laundry since before Turkey Day… eek…
  7. I need to make more money to support my online shopping addiction. Either that or I need some serious mental health…

Okay I’ll leave everyone alone now and go back to drowning in term papers and study guides. Procrastination over. Adios! 

Third Times the Charm?

Remember that post where I swore up and down that I wouldn’t disappear again, like I did this spring? Yeah…about that…

So that brings us to today; hopefully that good ‘ole saying “third time’s the charm” is true. Honestly, I’m not sure there’s a specific reason that I stopped blogging. School started and things just went from there. BUT the good side is that I’ve gotten so much done this semester, I’m not sure how I’m still alive (if I can even still be considered living in my current state of mess).

Junior year: the hell year. It was that way in high school and I’d heard mixed thoughts on junior year in college. I thought I was going to be fine and could handle whatever life threw at me. I’m usually pretty good at it. I spoke too soon this year. Turns out, it’s really difficult to manage 15 hours of schoolwork, 15 hours at an internship, 10 hours of swim lessons, 20 hours of rowing a week, PLUS homework and studying and having somewhat of a collegiate social life. Healthy eating and working out didn’t even make the cut. Sleep and showers hardly make it half the days. Oh-my-lanta. 

Don’t get me wrong. I couldn’t be happier and more blessed. I got accepted to be the Marketing and Event Intern at Baltimore Magazine and I absolutely love it. I spend my days helping plan events for both the primary magazine and the Baltimore Bride magazine. I get to pick community events for the magazine to partner with. My bosses are super cool and I get to attend the events we plan. I’m actually going to a happy hour-like event tonight. Who doesn’t love dressing up and looking cute on a school night??

I also was able to find a pool down here in Charm City to teach swim lessons at. Job –> Check! I have to fund my shopping addiction somehow. It’s also super close to school and Chris works there as well so all is good. Yes, it does take away from work out and homework time, but money is money. It’s an essential part of this world (and even more so of the college world) so I put up with it. 

Speaking of the beau, we have officially surpassed our one year anniversary together! It seemed like such a short amount of time, but yet on Oct. 18, we hit a year (much to the surprise of everyone). Apparently, when you look at average college relationships, a year is basically a lifetime. I’ve been ask so many times how I manage to stay faithful to him when we go out on the weekends and everything. Like, what? What have people come to? Is it really that difficult for people to stay monogamous? It’s shocking/depressing to me. Maybe I’ve just been lucky. Either way, we’re doing really good 🙂

As for an update on the BMore life, there’s not much to say. Mother Nature, start paying attention here. It’s cold. Like really cold. Yet, we got no snow, while the rest of the clan in Jersey got some. What the frick?? I want snow. If I’m going to have to wear 5 layers of clothing to practice, it better snow. Otherwise, bring back the sunshine and 80 degree weather. 

This time I PROMISE that I will keep this updated. I already have a post ready to go for Tuesday Morning Reading this week 🙂 I think all of you younginns will enjoy it. It’s pretty darn entertaining. 

Now go back to doing the work you should be doing instead of reading my ramblings! xx

Back to Reality (VACATION PHOTO DUMP!)

So as I mentioned in my last post, I was away in the Outer Banks for all of last week. Let me tell you – the vacation was much needed. I didn’t realize how busy I had been this summer and it was heavenly just to sit back and relax all week. Corolla, NC is absolutely gorgeous and it didn’t hurt that I was with Chris and his family for the week 🙂

If you’ve never been to OBX, it basically your typical beach vacation town. It mostly all huge beach houses, with a few resorts scattered through. There’s the beach on one side of the island and the sound on the other. Absolutely stunning. Besides the water, there’s also a ton of other things to do on the island as well. Everything from amazing restaurants to mini-golf to movie theaters are throughout the island. We were situated in Corolla, which is where Chris’s family home is. Corolla is nicely stuck in the middle of everything, so we really didn’t have to drive more than 5 minutes to anything. 

Some of the highlights of the week were:

  • Eating dinner at the Sunset Grille for our 10 month anniversary. The restaurant is right on the sound and Chris planned it so we went right as sunset was happening and we had a window seat so we got to see most of the sunset, which was beautiful (until a giant cloud got in the way).
  • Taking a nature walk through one of the maritime forests at the top of the island, where there was some beautiful views looking out at the sound when you got to the end of the path.
  • Kayaking! I absolutely love to kayak and we went on a kayaking tour held by the Outer Banks Nature Conservatory. It was a nice hour and a half long tour of some of the sound where we got to hear about the wildlife that call the sound their home. 
  • We also hauled our butts out of bed one morning at 6 and went to the beach to watch the sunrise. It was gorgeous when the sun crested right over the water. Stunning doesn’t even begin to describe it. 
  • Sadly, we went jet-skiing as well. Totally not my thing. I was convinced I was going to be thrown off the entire time. But nevertheless, Chris loved it so I suffered through. 

Overall, the vacation was amazing. Great location, great people, and great fun. The only bad part was that I gained back almost all the weight I lost this summer! It was totally worth it though. 

Below are a ton of the pictures that I took over the course of the week. You can find some of the things mentioned above in them!


Vacation Update!

Morning everyone! Sorry for the lack of posts lately. If I didn’t mention it earlier, I’m away at the Outer Banks, NC this whole week so instead of blogging, I’m lounging on the beach or by the pool. I promise I’ll be back to it when I get back to the good ‘ole Jersey on Tuesday. Don’t worry – there will be a huge picture dump when I get back!

This is my first time down in OBX. And let me tell you, it’s gorgeous. It’s the typical beach house vacation area, where all the houses are in pastels or bright colors and its just miles and miles of beaches. I’m in heaven. We’ve been pretty lucky with the weather too. Only a few clouds and some rain drops between getting here on Saturday and now. Otherwise, its been tanning-central here. Aka I’ve been going through a bottle of sunscreen a day. #palepeopleproblems

Today, we’re going to be going jet-skiing. I haven’t been since I was a little kid and the only thing I remember was the fear of falling off the back of it. If I fall off today, some hell is going to be raised. That’s if I survive. 

Hope ya’ll are enjoying the last few weeks of summer! I’ll keep you lovelies updated soon!

Lazy Tuesday

Today was supposed to be one of those days where I am really active, up and about cleaning and packing all day, intermixed with working out and teaching swim lessons. Is that how the day is turning out? Not at all.

Maybe its because it was truly monsooning here this morning, or the fact that my insomnia has been back with a vengence, but I was just not feeling it today. I did manage to get up and haul my butt to the gym and get in 1.5 miles on the treadmill (with some walking; don’t judge) and I did teach a swim lesson, but other than that, my lazy butt has been seated on the couch catching up with RHONJ and painting my nails.

It’s sad to think about how close I am to going back to school and that I have to start getting myself in gear. It may be 2 and a half weeks away, but considering ill be in OBX for alittle over a week, time to start moving. My room is still a disaster from when I came home for the summer back in May. Probably should start shoving it all back into boxes now…

And I can’t even begin to think about packing for vacation. I’ll be going with Chris’s family and I have no idea what they do down there, besides hit the beach. Packing is going to be a disaster. I can feel it.

The only other productive thing that I got done with today is some instagramming for my internship. If you haven’t yet, go check out @hiddenbaby on instagram and twitter and give them some love. Even if you don’t love their style now, just give it a week or so and you’ll see why I’m pointing you in their direction!

Hope you all are being more productive than me! Sorry for this worthless post that you just spent your time reading…Maybe you’re being lazier than I am!

My life from my iPhone

So I know I have been M.I.A after promising that I wouldn’t disappear again. This time, I’m really going to try. Here’s some randooo pictures from my super expensive, high-tech camera (aka my handy dandy iPhone) from the past week or so to keep your eyes occupied while I try to figure out what I’m going to post next. I have a whole list of ideas; I’m just being slightly too lazy to write them. Womp.


Those are some bright blue pants…and some pretty cool lizards on my shoes!


Some bright blue nails to match my pants. Guess minty blue is becoming my summer color. Totally okay with that.


Aren’t I so cool? BBQ with the fam. Casually wearing a bug stopper that typically goes over trays of food as a hat. Definitely starting a trend there.


The new WTC up close and personal. Man, it’s huge. And beyond amazing.


Breakfast: By far the best meal of the day. Look at me being all healthy!


Pretty sunset outside of the gym!


THE ABSOLUTE BEST PIE IN THE WORLD! Links and overall blabbing about it will come shortly 🙂


Date night with Chris in Hoboken ❤


Casually chilling…you know, the norm.


So I decided it was smart to go for a run along the river the other day. Too bad Mother Nature decided that She wanted to have a downpour while I was miles away from my car…


Repping the good ole’ Loyola Rowing hat during my run (notice how it got sunny right as I was finshing…)


Literally the only one at the gym on a Friday night. Maybe I should have less of a life more often #peaceatlast #nocreepyoldguys

I’ll post again tomorrow! I promise! Shorty will be back in action ASAP. Have a good Friday night!

I’m still alive!

Morning! I’m so sorry that I haven’t posted in..well I’m not really sure how long it’s been. definitely at least two weeks or so. Now that my internships are winding down, I’ll definitely be back at it! Hopefully almost daily! (Key word: hopefully).

First post: TUESDAY MORNING READING! Yay! It will probably be the last one since it’s my last day at this internship. It should be up in alittle. Keep your pretty little eyes open for it! It’s going to be an article about Vine. I’m getting on this bandwagon really late…


Tuesday Morning Reading!

Morning! I came across another cool article today and I’m getting the feeling that this Tuesday Morning Reading thing is going to become a habit. What do you guys think? (My last post can be found here!)

As like last week’s post, the article I came across today is from Fortune Magazine online. It’s the most recent addition in their Brainstorm Tech Spotlight series, featuring Dave Goldberg. For those of you who don’t know who he is, he’s the founder and CEO of SurveyMonkey, the online survey taking platform. (If you haven’t ever used SurveyMonkey and you do alot of surveys, definitely check it out. It works like a charm.) Dave’s also married to Sheryl Sandberg, the author of the widely talked about Lean Inwhich I happen to be in the middle of reading.


The part of the article that I loved the most this week was the advice they would give. For Dave, he says that its important to remember that “Patience in everything. Run the marathon, not a sprint in life and work.” Good idea to keep in your head, especially when most things today are so focused on being rushed and getting everything done as quick as possible. Take the time to slow down and look at what you are doing. 

I also found it funny that he wishes he had founded Facebook, when asked which start-up he wished he had created. Given that his wife is so high up in the Facebook management system, it’s rather ironic. Also, Facebook is no longer doing as well as it has in the past. Since it’s gone public and the ads have essentially taken over the site, it’s no longer regarded as great as it once was. That’s just my personal opinion though.

I hope you like this article! Let me know what you think about it. I’d love to have conversations about the content! Also, do you think I should make this Tuesday Morning Reading a weekly thing? I’ll try to find articles from other sources as well. Give it more variety. 

Enjoy your Tuesday!

*Image credit given to the article website online!