Lazy Tuesday

Today was supposed to be one of those days where I am really active, up and about cleaning and packing all day, intermixed with working out and teaching swim lessons. Is that how the day is turning out? Not at all.

Maybe its because it was truly monsooning here this morning, or the fact that my insomnia has been back with a vengence, but I was just not feeling it today. I did manage to get up and haul my butt to the gym and get in 1.5 miles on the treadmill (with some walking; don’t judge) and I did teach a swim lesson, but other than that, my lazy butt has been seated on the couch catching up with RHONJ and painting my nails.

It’s sad to think about how close I am to going back to school and that I have to start getting myself in gear. It may be 2 and a half weeks away, but considering ill be in OBX for alittle over a week, time to start moving. My room is still a disaster from when I came home for the summer back in May. Probably should start shoving it all back into boxes now…

And I can’t even begin to think about packing for vacation. I’ll be going with Chris’s family and I have no idea what they do down there, besides hit the beach. Packing is going to be a disaster. I can feel it.

The only other productive thing that I got done with today is some instagramming for my internship. If you haven’t yet, go check out @hiddenbaby on instagram and twitter and give them some love. Even if you don’t love their style now, just give it a week or so and you’ll see why I’m pointing you in their direction!

Hope you all are being more productive than me! Sorry for this worthless post that you just spent your time reading…Maybe you’re being lazier than I am!


I’m still alive!

Morning! I’m so sorry that I haven’t posted in..well I’m not really sure how long it’s been. definitely at least two weeks or so. Now that my internships are winding down, I’ll definitely be back at it! Hopefully almost daily! (Key word: hopefully).

First post: TUESDAY MORNING READING! Yay! It will probably be the last one since it’s my last day at this internship. It should be up in alittle. Keep your pretty little eyes open for it! It’s going to be an article about Vine. I’m getting on this bandwagon really late…


Tuesday Morning Reading!

Morning! I came across another cool article today and I’m getting the feeling that this Tuesday Morning Reading thing is going to become a habit. What do you guys think? (My last post can be found here!)

As like last week’s post, the article I came across today is from Fortune Magazine online. It’s the most recent addition in their Brainstorm Tech Spotlight series, featuring Dave Goldberg. For those of you who don’t know who he is, he’s the founder and CEO of SurveyMonkey, the online survey taking platform. (If you haven’t ever used SurveyMonkey and you do alot of surveys, definitely check it out. It works like a charm.) Dave’s also married to Sheryl Sandberg, the author of the widely talked about Lean Inwhich I happen to be in the middle of reading.


The part of the article that I loved the most this week was the advice they would give. For Dave, he says that its important to remember that “Patience in everything. Run the marathon, not a sprint in life and work.” Good idea to keep in your head, especially when most things today are so focused on being rushed and getting everything done as quick as possible. Take the time to slow down and look at what you are doing. 

I also found it funny that he wishes he had founded Facebook, when asked which start-up he wished he had created. Given that his wife is so high up in the Facebook management system, it’s rather ironic. Also, Facebook is no longer doing as well as it has in the past. Since it’s gone public and the ads have essentially taken over the site, it’s no longer regarded as great as it once was. That’s just my personal opinion though.

I hope you like this article! Let me know what you think about it. I’d love to have conversations about the content! Also, do you think I should make this Tuesday Morning Reading a weekly thing? I’ll try to find articles from other sources as well. Give it more variety. 

Enjoy your Tuesday!

*Image credit given to the article website online!

One of those days…

Today was by far one of those days that I thought was never going to end and considering its midnight now, it still hasn’t.

I woke up and everything seemed to go wrong this morning. Breakfast and getting ready took longer than usual, I hit a ton of traffic getting to my internship, and as soon as I got there, I had a pile of things to do. I said goodbye to my normal morning routine of getting in, checking the news, and chatting with the guy who sits next to me at our bench. Nope, straight into work. And that basically didn’t stop till lunch.

For lunch, we went to Millburn Deli, which if you live in the central Jersey area and you haven’t been, you essentially haven’t lived. They make the absolute best sandwiches I have ever had. They’re huge too and so filling, but so good that you don’t want to stop (I never do…) I have a grilled chicken sandwich on baguette and it was heavenly. Just what I needed to get me through the next 4 hours of the day till I got to go home.

The afternoon went by sooooo slow. I had basically nothing to do, which was the polar opposite of the morning. I guess a downside of getting stuff done quickly is that once it’s done, you kind of have to sit around. 5 o’clock could not come faster. Until it was 5:01 and we were all getting ready to leave and one of the SVPs came up to me asking me to do one last thing for him….wonderful. I got it done and managed to get out of there before 5:20 and began my drive home in the POURING rain. All this rain this summer is really starting to bum me out. Where’s the sun?

Life got better when I got home. My mom and I went to the mall because she had to get an outfit for my brothers graduation party this weekend. We ended up getting our eyebrows threaded too. It was my first time getting them threaded; I usually get them waxed because I hate the feeling of plucking and how long it takes. I actually enjoyed getting them threaded. It wasn’t too painful and was really quick. Plus, it is definitely a lot more sanitary then getting them waxed. I’ve heard horror stories of people getting skin diseases from waxing because some of the places aren’t sanitary and essentially double dip. I love the lady who waxes mine to death and the place is spotless, but hey, it was something new. I ended up going to Nordstroms to try to find a cute pair of wedges and they were totally sold out of anything my size. We then walked to Macys and I got a nice pair but I think they are a little too high for me. Even though I’m only 5 feet tall and can use all the height I can get, these might be a little over the top. Ill post a picture tomorrow. I’ve decided I’m going to order these from Nordstroms and if they fit, I’ll return the ones that I got at Macy’s. What do you guys think??

Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 12.09.06 AM

I think they’re really cute and could go with a lot. We’ll see how they fit when they come in. Lastly, we headed over to H&M to see if they had any white blazers (as I am convinced they are the perfect item to have in everyone’s closet). They had some along with a HUGEEEE sale so I got a bunch of stuff. Ill post all of that tomorrow in a haul-like post. Not to brag; just to show you guys what I got! Seriously though, if you’re near an H&M, GO. The sale is totally worth it and while I’m not a huge fan of them normally, their stuff on sale is great because its super cheap and you can find a lot of basic pieces there.

Which brings me to now. Sitting in bed, catching up on some blogs. How’d your day go??