Tuesday Morning Reading!

Woohoo! After a long (read: very) hiatus, Tuesday Morning Reading is back!

I actually found this article around two weeks ago and knew immediately that I wanted to bring it to the series. However, it took me alittle longer than wanted to get around to it. The tabs been open in my browser since then! It’s called “19 Things To Stop Doing in Your 20s” from Thought Catalog.

This past October, I finished my teenage years (!!!) and turned 20 (…what? real life?). So this article fit pretty well time-wise. I think it hits a few really good points about growing up and how to handle the world. Being an adult has as much to do with the responsibilities and work you have as the outlook you have on life, and most importantly, yourself. This article I feel sums it up pretty well.


Go through and read it. Learn from it. Live it.

I think my favorite of the 19 is number 10:

10. Stop blaming yourself for being human.

I always blame myself when I take on too much and can’t complete it or I fail to do a simple task. It irritates me so much. I have to get used to the fact that I can’t conquer the world (at least not yet) and that mistakes do happen. I also need to realize that everyone else is human as well. I can’t blame people when they fail to meet my super high standards or if they slip in an area of their life. They’re human. We all are.

If you have time, look through some more of the Thought Catalog articles. There are some really good, inspiring ones on there. They also make for great procrastinating!

Which one is your favorite?


Tuesday Morning Reading


Sitting at my desk this morning, catching up on the news, I came across an article on Fortune that really stuck out to me and I thought it had some really good advice for young people like myself in it, and I thought I’d share!130701114910-cyrus-massoumi-620xa

The article features Cyrus Massoumi (pictured above- credit to Fortune), the CEO of ZocDoc and was in their Brainstorm Tech Spotlight section. It features 10 questions that were asked of the CEO regarding his opinions on school, clearing his head, and the business world as a whole. I think he poses some really good points in his answers; I found them inspiring as a future success (hopefully) business leader.

He says that ” it’s better to try and fail, than fail to try”. I think this applies to anyone and everyone. As a college student, trying to apply for internships and jobs and make connections, I need to realize this. Half the time, I’ll be considering applying for something but will be too afraid to because it’s a huge company or firm and I know that there will be hundreds of other students applying for the same position. Honestly, what’s going to be the harm in trying? If you don’t step up to do something, you have absolutely 0 chance of making it happen. I think this is good to keep in mind when you’re questioning doing something.

Another thing I loved is that he says he runs to clear his head! Even big CEO’s get out there and hit the pavement like us to clear their head and get a good workout in. Nothing fancy. Just good old running. Gotta love it!

He also provides some insight into what students should do when they are trying to break into the job market. According to him, take risks. Apply for that job that you don’t fit their requirments excatly, or the job that might not be in the concentration that you thought you’d get into. He says, “Don’t disregard a potential job opportunity just because your experience doesn’t perfectly match up with the description—you’ll be surprised what you might find.”

Just some light reading I thought I’d share. Definitely check out the article to read all of his answers. It’s a good insight into the brain of someone so high up in the business world.


I recently discovered Bloglovin, which is a site that lets you follow blogs and you have your own feed page, where it is constantly updated with the new posts from the bloggers you follow. For me, this was a godsend. I have all of these great blogs that I find that aren’t on WordPress, but I absolutely hate following them through email as it just becomes too much and blows up my phone since i’d get an email every time a blogger posted something.

I found out about Bloglovin through another blog that I follow on here (I am dreadfully sorry if you were the one who recently posted about this and I can’t remember who you are!) I decided to check it out. It was impeccably easy to set up. You have to create an account, but all that they need is your email and password, or you can sign up with your Facebook account. After getting started, I was able to type in blogs that I knew of, AND it also showed me the top blogs in the US for a ton of different categories and all I had to do was click “follow”. Now their posts show up on my Bloglovin homepage! I have the ability to like their posts, mark a post as “read” if I have no desire to read it and you can sort by the ones that you have read and those that you have not. It’s genius.

Another thing that’s great about it is that you can claim you own blog. By posting a link in a new blog post that they give you (check out my post here), they will pick up that this is your blog and you can control it through them. Also, they will give you the code to put into you blog into a widget to get the “Follow me on Bloglovin!” button on your page. Click mine!!!

If you are someone who reads a ton of blogs from a variety of different blog hosts, I would highly recommend making a Bloglovin account.

If you do have one, let me your experiences with it! I just started it a few days ago so I’m still fairly new to it 🙂