Tuesday Morning Reading!

Woohoo! After a long (read: very) hiatus, Tuesday Morning Reading is back!

I actually found this article around two weeks ago and knew immediately that I wanted to bring it to the series. However, it took me alittle longer than wanted to get around to it. The tabs been open in my browser since then! It’s called “19 Things To Stop Doing in Your 20s” from Thought Catalog.

This past October, I finished my teenage years (!!!) and turned 20 (…what? real life?). So this article fit pretty well time-wise. I think it hits a few really good points about growing up and how to handle the world. Being an adult has as much to do with the responsibilities and work you have as the outlook you have on life, and most importantly, yourself. This article I feel sums it up pretty well.


Go through and read it. Learn from it. Live it.

I think my favorite of the 19 is number 10:

10. Stop blaming yourself for being human.

I always blame myself when I take on too much and can’t complete it or I fail to do a simple task. It irritates me so much. I have to get used to the fact that I can’t conquer the world (at least not yet) and that mistakes do happen. I also need to realize that everyone else is human as well. I can’t blame people when they fail to meet my super high standards or if they slip in an area of their life. They’re human. We all are.

If you have time, look through some more of the Thought Catalog articles. There are some really good, inspiring ones on there. They also make for great procrastinating!

Which one is your favorite?


Tuesday Morning Reading!

Morning! I came across another cool article today and I’m getting the feeling that this Tuesday Morning Reading thing is going to become a habit. What do you guys think? (My last post can be found here!)

As like last week’s post, the article I came across today is from Fortune Magazine online. It’s the most recent addition in their Brainstorm Tech Spotlight series, featuring Dave Goldberg. For those of you who don’t know who he is, he’s the founder and CEO of SurveyMonkey, the online survey taking platform. (If you haven’t ever used SurveyMonkey and you do alot of surveys, definitely check it out. It works like a charm.) Dave’s also married to Sheryl Sandberg, the author of the widely talked about Lean Inwhich I happen to be in the middle of reading.


The part of the article that I loved the most this week was the advice they would give. For Dave, he says that its important to remember that “Patience in everything. Run the marathon, not a sprint in life and work.” Good idea to keep in your head, especially when most things today are so focused on being rushed and getting everything done as quick as possible. Take the time to slow down and look at what you are doing. 

I also found it funny that he wishes he had founded Facebook, when asked which start-up he wished he had created. Given that his wife is so high up in the Facebook management system, it’s rather ironic. Also, Facebook is no longer doing as well as it has in the past. Since it’s gone public and the ads have essentially taken over the site, it’s no longer regarded as great as it once was. That’s just my personal opinion though.

I hope you like this article! Let me know what you think about it. I’d love to have conversations about the content! Also, do you think I should make this Tuesday Morning Reading a weekly thing? I’ll try to find articles from other sources as well. Give it more variety. 

Enjoy your Tuesday!

*Image credit given to the article website online!

Tuesday Morning Reading


Sitting at my desk this morning, catching up on the news, I came across an article on Fortune that really stuck out to me and I thought it had some really good advice for young people like myself in it, and I thought I’d share!130701114910-cyrus-massoumi-620xa

The article features Cyrus Massoumi (pictured above- credit to Fortune), the CEO of ZocDoc and was in their Brainstorm Tech Spotlight section. It features 10 questions that were asked of the CEO regarding his opinions on school, clearing his head, and the business world as a whole. I think he poses some really good points in his answers; I found them inspiring as a future success (hopefully) business leader.

He says that ” it’s better to try and fail, than fail to try”. I think this applies to anyone and everyone. As a college student, trying to apply for internships and jobs and make connections, I need to realize this. Half the time, I’ll be considering applying for something but will be too afraid to because it’s a huge company or firm and I know that there will be hundreds of other students applying for the same position. Honestly, what’s going to be the harm in trying? If you don’t step up to do something, you have absolutely 0 chance of making it happen. I think this is good to keep in mind when you’re questioning doing something.

Another thing I loved is that he says he runs to clear his head! Even big CEO’s get out there and hit the pavement like us to clear their head and get a good workout in. Nothing fancy. Just good old running. Gotta love it!

He also provides some insight into what students should do when they are trying to break into the job market. According to him, take risks. Apply for that job that you don’t fit their requirments excatly, or the job that might not be in the concentration that you thought you’d get into. He says, “Don’t disregard a potential job opportunity just because your experience doesn’t perfectly match up with the description—you’ll be surprised what you might find.”

Just some light reading I thought I’d share. Definitely check out the article to read all of his answers. It’s a good insight into the brain of someone so high up in the business world.

Review: Revenge Wears Prada

After a terribly rainy and monsoon-y day like today, all I can think about are books. Genearlly, when it rains, I love to just curl up on the couch with a blanket and a book and just chill out. Sadly, I had to teach swim lessons all day today so that killed my usual rainy day activities. It got me thinking about the latest book I read and I figured I might as well let you all know about it!

So any female teenager or young adult has probably seen the movie “The Devil Wears Prada”. For me, it was one of those movies that never got old. I could honestly watch it over and over, even thought I found the plot line to be just ehh. What most people didn’t do was read the book. And they are missing out. The book was about 100 times better than the movie and lucky for me, the author, Lauren Weisberger, just wrote a sequel!Image

As soon as I heard the sequel, “Revenge Wears Prada”, was coming out, I immediately put it on pre-order from Barnes and Noble and when it came out, I picked it up immediately. I didn’t get to read it as fast as I normally would have, as being an intern and trying to work as well really does eat up a lot of my time. But about 3 days later, I was able to finish the book up and my opinions are mixed.

The reason I loved the first book so much was that it took the life everyone wants to have – that upper east side, fashion focused lifestyle (or maybe that’s just me and stems from my Gossip Girl obsession). Originally, Andy played that girl who broke into high society and eventually it overcame her, until she managed to get out of the Runway lifestyle. In this book, she has a totally different life then the previous book. She plays that strong, female entrepreneur, and along with good old Emily, they create a new life for themselves. However, this time, I didn’t like the way Lauren explained all of the drama that has to come with this sort of book. I can’t explain it too well but it wasn’t as appealing and hooking as the first one (hooking is definitely a weird word to use. You know those books that draw you in and you can’t put them down? Yeah this wasn’t one of them.)

However, I have to admit that I did like the storyline of this book more. Not too clique and actually a pretty good idea. Not something I would have thought would have happened in Andy’s life after leaving Miranda. Gonna give her some props there. 

Overall, I would suggest reading it. It would be a great beach read for sure: entertaining, girly, and an easy read. Only bad part is that it’s hardcover. But if you have a Kindle, Nook or iPad, get it on that. It’s loads cheaper and you don’t have to carry around a big book with you. You can get it from Amazon here: http://www.amazon.com/Revenge-Wears-Prada-Devil-Returns/dp/1439136637 !

That’s all I can really say without giving away the plot too much. Has anyone read it yet? Or are planning too? Let me know what you think!!!

Hope you all are braving the rain in some good rain boots if you live in the Jersey area!