My week in pictures!

For the first time in who knows how long, I plugged my iPhone into my computer. I totally forgot how as soon as you plug the iPhone into the computer, iPhoto pops up and asks you to upload your photos. Which is great and all…except when you have over 300 photos on your phone that have not been uploaded to your computer yet. So today, I let my phone do its job with the computer and now I have a fully updated photo library with all the countless, absolutely pointless photos I take every day. And what else is there to do on a Wednesday night then to share them all with you!

ImageThis photo I’m solely putting up so you can all see my beautiful feet! (Just kidding). As it’s gotten warmer out (sort of), my family decided to open our pool. Surprisingly, the water isn’t too cold and I spent a good portion of my day sitting outside reading a book and occasionally putting my feet in the other day. I’ve missed relaxing days like that. I definitely need to do it more often. You guys should all too!

ImageI’m not the only one who’s enjoying the pool! Sydney, our 1 year old english golden retriever absolutely loves it. Well, just the steps actually. She’s still refusing to go in all the way, but any time we let her outside, she immediately goes and puts her paws in. Which is usually followed by her dunking her head in and out a bunch of times, resulting in a very wet and smelly puppy, as you can see. While we got her at the beginning of last summer, she was too tiny to even go in the pool at all so this is her first time encountering the big blue thing in the middle of the backyard. Looks like she’s going to be wet all summer…

ImageProm season has come upon us again! For all those juniors and seniors in high school, the rite of passage has now passed and they have experienced what some consider to be the best part of high school. While my senior prom was 2 years ago, my younger brother David went to his senior prom last weekend. So, tux and all, we took the classic sibling pictures while we braced the heat (and I attempted to not cry because of all the cicadas that we outside at this time)

ImageI found this on someone that I know’s twitter. I thought it was pretty. Italy, maybe? Wherever that is, I want to be there. Now.

ImageIn my opinion, roses are the perfect classy flower. I especially love when they are a different color then the usual red. At my boyfriend’s hour this weekend, I was seen admiring the roses that they have in their backyard and he so graciously cut me off one to take home with me. My original one was white, but he happened to crush that one not long after he gave it to me…so he got me a pink one too. That one survived the journey home and is doing surprisingly well in its little glass of water in my room. I’m impressed. 

Hope you enjoyed my pictures and randomness! Please feel free to share the randomness of your lives with me in the comments!