This week has been absolutely the most hectic week of the year so far (at least it feels that way). Finals week is in full swing and I was an idiot and decided to not take off of my internship or work this week, so I’m handling a thousand things at once now. Like right now, I’m at my internships. Yet, I have a 10 page paper due Sunday night and a take home final due by Tuesday morning. But nope, I’m sitting in my cubicle writing this and being bored as I finished all my current work that I actually wanted to do and am procrastinating the work I don’t want to do.

How I manage to do everything I do still amazes me. 15 hours of class a week, 20+ hours of crew, 15 hours of interning, 7 hours of swim lessons and somehow (I really don’t know how) maintaining a super solid relationship with Chris. Yes, I lack a social life somewhat, but I’m content with it. People say I’m crazy…I definitely am.

One of the things that everyone always asks is how I manage to fit everything into my day. There’s a few ways I get all this shizz done.

  1. Plan. Plan everything. Live life down to the minute. As sad as this is, it’s the only way to get everything done. My planner is always with me and it has everything written in it – from when I work, to what work I need to do, to everything else. If I lost my planner, I’d probably have a mental breakdown and never get back up
  2. Make use out of the time that you think isn’t long enough to get anything done. For instance, I finish work a half hour before Chris does somedays. Usually, I’m lazy and spend that time sitting in the hot tub and scrolling through instagram. Bad idea. Recently, I’ve been making myself throw some clothes over my swim suit and heading up to the gym to get on the treadmill. Even if its 25 minutes, its still something. I clocked a solid 2 miles of walking on an incline and running last night. Almost burned off the cake I made before work… womp…
  3. Lastly, know what you can  manage. Don’t take on too much. This semester was way too much for me. I’m cutting back next semester to get my grades back up after a slight drop this semester (kill me now). The sad part is that my cutting back involves cutting crew out. Based on the time requirements of my internship, taking 6 classes instead of 5, still wanting to teach swim lessons alittle, and training for my half in the spring and then tri-training for the summer, something had to go. Crew was the biggest time suck and my love for it has fallen. I’ll still coach this summer for my high school team and I might pick it back up next fall. But for right now, I won’t be getting back into my cubby in the boat 😦

Guess I should go back to doing work now? Ugh. Sunday can’t come fast enough.


Let the internships begin!

So of course… I started this blog thinking that I was going to post all the time and be really active about it and what happens? I start it and basically forget about it. Definition of my blogging experience thus far with all of my random blogs that I do have (and very rarely update). I’m going to try to do better!

Today was essentially my first day in the real world! Sort of. I started one of my two internships this summer today and it went great in my mind. I’m a marketing/social media intern for Hidden Baby, a socially aware fashion brand. They sell some great accessories, from bags to shoes to bracelets and scarves! They also run a blog, focusing on NYC female entrepreneurs, food, photography, basically anything they find cool. Check out the blog here: (their most recent blog post is one about me! Go look!)

My day started off with me commuting into the city, which is about an hour for me. I’ve never gone in alone during rush out so navigating the PATH was a shock, but I’ll get used to it. I felt like a really professional going in all dressed up and fighting with the hustle and bustle of the city.

During the day, I mainly focused on expanding their social media presence in the blogging, twitter, and instagram community by making comments and holding conversations with other similar brands and people. It was really fun and I can tell I’m going to learn a lot from these great girls, all while having fun doing it. Who wouldn’t want to spend their summer in Soho, getting to meet great people and making a difference?

My second internship, a finance internship at a derivative exchange company in NJ starts on Monday. I know that one is going to be a totally different atmosphere from the one today, but I think it will be good. I’ll be getting a lot of exposure to the finance world and from the time I have spoken with the heads of the company, they seem to be really cool and are looking forward to teaching me as much as possible. I’ll update you on that once it starts!

Now, the only thing that would make this all better is if the weather would start acting like summertime, instead of early spring. There’s no way I should be wearing jeans in the middle of May. Bring on the heat, the beach, pool, and warm nights!