The FINAL Stretch!

Ha! I made a funny up there! See it? Do you?? Finals week has officially begun here at LUMD and I’m already going a tad delusional… (Now you see the terrible pun in the title don’t you?)

The most dreaded time of the year for all college students had started. Procrastinating that leads to cramming, unhealthy amount of coffee, and absolutely no working out or getting dressed in the morning at all. It’s terrible. 



BUT on the bright side, it snowed here in Baltimore! So there’s some white hope outside the windows of the Study right now, reminding me that this week will be over soon. One week from this afternoon, I will be heading back to Jersey for a MONTH at home. I cannot be happier 🙂 

A few realizations:

  1. Baltimore is terrible at plowing and salting. So is Loyola. I wasn’t able to get to my internship today because my car was basically snowed in in the lot and I knew the roads were just as bad. Ice everywhereeeee.
  2. I procrastinated way too much all semester. Either that, or I had a significantly easier semester and just now the teachers are piling everything on to get finished. Whichever it is, all of a sudden, I have a pile of work that is taller than I am (literally…) Because of this, I have to spend my day in the Study trying to get done as much as possible with my time that I now have free because of my inability to go into the office. 
  3. I really want to redo the theme of my blog. Like, have one done for me. I’m also thinking about moving my blog to a self-hosted platform. 
  4. How the Grinch Stole Christmas is my favorite movie EVER and is a great procrastination tool.
  5. Only eating a bagel, pizza, and sour gummy worms during the course of a day will lead to a terrible tummy ache.
  6. I haven’t done laundry since before Turkey Day… eek…
  7. I need to make more money to support my online shopping addiction. Either that or I need some serious mental health…

Okay I’ll leave everyone alone now and go back to drowning in term papers and study guides. Procrastination over. Adios! 


The Dreaded Fall Illness

So  everyone knows that when the weather starts to get really freakin’ cold and windy and all hell breaks loose on our immune systems, it’s not gonna be fun. Well, little ole’ me, who gets 9 hours of sleep a night, always drinks OJ and a ton of other Vitamin C full things, rarely gets this dreaded fall cold/chills/flu sort of mess that everyone else gets….Until now.

Chris has been pretty sick the past few days, with sinusitis (basically a cold) and a bunch of other things. Essentially, he had the worst cold on the planet accompanied with a fever and just feeling crappy. I thought I would be fine. I was wrong.

Last night, I started feeling alittle odd and decided to skimp out on my evening workout and stay up late studying get some sleep. I chugged some Emergen-c and some water and hit the hay. When I woke up at 5:30 this morning for practice, my throat was on fire and I felt like hell. Literal hell. My body was burning up like the Jonas Brothers. Practice obviously didn’t happen and I went back to bed for another few hours before heading to the magazine for the day.

The best part? I have two exams coming up this evening. Great. I’m going to be that sniffly, coughing girl in class that you want to murder. Yup, that’s me. No matter how much green tea with honey and water I drink, I’ve stayed the same amount of grossness all day. My miracles are no longer working.

Anyone have any good remedies for punching the world’s worst cold right in the nose?