Tuesday Morning Reading!

Woohoo! After a long (read: very) hiatus, Tuesday Morning Reading is back!

I actually found this article around two weeks ago and knew immediately that I wanted to bring it to the series. However, it took me alittle longer than wanted to get around to it. The tabs been open in my browser since then! It’s called “19 Things To Stop Doing in Your 20s” from Thought Catalog.

This past October, I finished my teenage years (!!!) and turned 20 (…what? real life?). So this article fit pretty well time-wise. I think it hits a few really good points about growing up and how to handle the world. Being an adult has as much to do with the responsibilities and work you have as the outlook you have on life, and most importantly, yourself. This article I feel sums it up pretty well.


Go through and read it. Learn from it. Live it.

I think my favorite of the 19 is number 10:

10. Stop blaming yourself for being human.

I always blame myself when I take on too much and can’t complete it or I fail to do a simple task. It irritates me so much. I have to get used to the fact that I can’t conquer the world (at least not yet) and that mistakes do happen. I also need to realize that everyone else is human as well. I can’t blame people when they fail to meet my super high standards or if they slip in an area of their life. They’re human. We all are.

If you have time, look through some more of the Thought Catalog articles. There are some really good, inspiring ones on there. They also make for great procrastinating!

Which one is your favorite?

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