Back Again…Little Town, NJ in Hoboken!

A TON of you read my previous post on the restaurant in Hoboken called Little Town, NJ. I had written it after my family went there for a nice night out and got some drinks and dinner. If you didn’t read it, go check it out. Then come back and read this one.

In that previous post, I basically stated how bad of an experience I had there. Food was good, but the overall experience was bad. The post got a ton of hits and one of them happened to be the manager of the restaurant. Obviously, he wasn’t too happy with my going off about his restaurant. So he set out to fix it. Randomly, one day while I was interning, I got an email from him. He apologized for the experience I had there and told me that that’s not how they normally operate. He asked me for my home address because he wanted to send a gift certificate so that I could come back again and give it a second chance. At first, I was like… okay, I’ll give him my address and he’ll probably send a $10 card or something and it will take months to actually get to me. I was WRONG.

Not only did he email me back almost right away, I got the gift card in the mail two days later. And on top of that, it wasn’t for $10. It was for $50. Which considering it’s a bar restaurant, $50 can get you a pretty hefty meal for 2. He also told me to email him directly when I wanted to come in and he would make the reservation for me and that he would like to meet me personally when I arrived.

Chris (my boyfriend) and I are completely obsessed with Hoboken; we both want to live there once we graduate from Loyola and since he doesn’t live too far from Hoboken, we figured we would head in and get dinner there and then walk around. I let the manager know that we were coming in and he told me that it was all set and to ask for him when we arrived. When we got there, since it was a gorgeous night outside, there were a ton of people eating in their outdoor area, but the inside was much more empty. We chose to sit inside because it was quieter and I’m not a huge fan of outside seating.

Sadly, the hostess informed me that the manager had left for the day because of a family emergency but we were promptly greeted by the guy-in-charge, who had definitely been told we were coming and he was super accommodating. The whole staff was. We never had empty drinks, the head chef came and asked us how our food was, and overall, the experience was completely different from the first time my family went. The food was AMAZING. We got the chicken tenders appetizer to split, which was more like chicken cutlets but they were so good. The dipping sauce definitely made them 100x better too. I have no idea what sort of sauce it was, but we could tell it was homemade and phenomenal. For our entrée, I got the Farmer’s Daughter wrap (I’m attempting to be somewhat healthy) and Chris got a burger. I couldn’t even finish my wrap because I was so full from scarfing down the chicken. It was great though. Chris absolutely devoured his burger; it was that good. We passed on dessert as we had made pie earlier in the day to eat after dinner (a post will be posted about that soon!) and spent the rest of the evening walking around Frank Sinatra Park, which is right across the street from the restaurant. It made me remember why I want to live there.


The view from Frank Sinatra Park in Hoboken. Such a gorgeous sight!

Overall, I could not be happier with Little Town. The experience was great this time and I will definitely be going back. I even got another email from the manager apologizing that he wasn’t there and told me to contact him next time I want to come in and that’ll he’ll make sure he’s there! I’ve got a little left on my gift card so I will sure be returning 🙂 If you’re in the Hoboken area, go check it out and let me know how it goes!

Have any of you gone to Little Town? What was your experience like?

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