Little Town, NJ Restaurant Review

NOTE: This post in no longer valid. My second (and much more positive) review of Little Town can be seen HERE. Decided to give the place another chance 🙂

This past Sunday night, my family had another family outing at Little Town, NJ, a new restaurant and bar that opened in Hoboken, NJ. The restaurant is on the beautiful Sinatra Drive, overlooking the water and features a beautiful view of New York City. If you haven’t ever walked down Sinatra Drive, I highly recommend it. Do not go on the 4th of July though. It’s a zoo as it’s a perfect place to view the fireworks, aka the entire state of NJ flocks there.

Walking into the restaurant, it was nicely decorated and featured quotes from famous NJ-ites on the walls. There was a decent sized bar, as well as booths and tables for dinner. We had made a reservation prior to going, as we had a party of 10. However, the restaurant wasn’t too crowded. All of the outdoor seating was empty, most likely because it was so hot and muggy out. But inside, it was cool and there were a few other families there, plus some couples sitting at the bar. We were immediately greeted and brought to our table.

Once sitting down, it took our server a while to greet us. When she came, we ordered drinks and she managed to mess up a few of the drink orders. My aunt even got a margarita that had a bug in it. The waitress was nice enough to take it back. However, she completely forgot that I had ordered a Diet Coke, which kind of irritated me as I was craving it, but she was never around for me to remind her. After coming back to get our appetizer order, which was probably close to 15 minutes after we sat down, she didn’t ask if we were ready to order our entrees, even though no one was even looking at the menu anymore because we’d been sitting there for a while. After coming back again to get our dinner orders, the appetizers came and were decent. The disco fries, a Jersey classic, were soggy and the rice balls were cold. Our entrees came out some time after that, yet they didn’t all come out together. My two little cousins came first, a majority of the others came another 10 minutes or so later, and my one cousins came another 5 minutes after that. Not exactly timely. Almost all of us ordered burgers, as there wasn’t a huge selection to choose from. My burger was okay- nothing spectacular but it wasn’t bad at all. Just your average burger and I’ve definitely had better. That seemed to be the general consensus among my family.

Overall, I wasn’t too pleased with the experience and food. While the restaurant was nice, our waitress was slow and inattentive, and the food was only decent. Plus, the bathrooms were disgusting. Out of toilet paper and a nice layer of liquid on the floor. It reminded me of the dive bars back at school. Gross and not what you expect from a nice, new restaurant. Especially one which is kind of pricey.

If you’re looking for a place to eat in Hoboken, there are definitely better options. (I can’t vouche for the bar scene there at night; for a bar, it would probably be considered nice) Hoboken has such a variety of restaurants and bars, from the high end to the small pubs. It’s safe to say that my family won’t be returning for a family get-together again.

Have any of  you eaten at Little Town before? What was your experience like?

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