Long weekend fun!

Hope everyone had a fun 4th of July! I’m sorry I haven’t really posted a ton within the past few days, but I’m about to get back on track! With the long weekend, I’ve had some time off to be with my boyfriend and my family and its been paired with lazy days by the pool and evenings reading in my hammock. I completely forgot how much I enough just lounging around and relaxing. And given the fact that it’s been gorgeous here in Jersey for the past 3 days, I cannot have asked for more. 

My 4th went well. I spent the day at Chris’s (my boyfriend) house for his big family and friends barbecue. Besides eating way more than my stomach can handle (and completely loving every bite) we spent the day running around in bathing suits, in and out of the pool and just hanging out outside. It was amazing. 

ImageYesterday was spent sitting by the pool, trying to get rid of my ghostly white skin. Since I’ve been interning all summer, I haven’t had much time to spend outside and boy, has my skin suffered. Usually during the summer, I am brown before June hits. Now its the beginning of July and tan lines have yet to be formed. This weekend is devoted to some hard core sun time! (with sunscreen, of course) I also took a trip to the library yesterday to pick up some good summertime books to read when I’m near the pool or at the beach. I grabbed Mini Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella, which is the last in the Confessions of a Shopaholic series. Sadly, I had completely forgotten that I’ve already read it so about 3 pages in, I realized and had to switch. If you haven’t read the series yet, I highly recommend it. The books are great summer reads, easy to get through and kind of addicting. If you saw the movie and thought it was terrible, thats totally okay. The books are nothing like the movie. I also picked up Summer Rental by Mary Kay Andrews, which I am about halfway done with so far. Love it! I’ll write a full review of it when I finish it, which will probably be tomorrow. Lastly, I got The Next Thing on My List, by Jill Smolinski. I’ll let you guys know how that one goes. Usually I can read close to 30 books a summer, as I’m definitely a book worm. But since I’ve gotten off to to a slow start, it won’t be nearly as many. I’m gonna try though! I enough easy reads for the beach and pool, as they don’t really require much concentration. For the train and commute, I prefer something more intellectually stimulating. Maybe I’ll post my summer reading wish list soon! 


As I mentioned, this weekend is a family weekend. Tonight we went to Bahama Breeze to celebrate for my brother, David’s, 18th birthday, which was this past Wednesday. Dinner was followed by some lovely Dairy Queen ice cream cake, both his and my favorite. Tomorrow night, my family and my aunts and cousins will all be journeying into Hoboken to Little Town, NJ, a new restaurant that opened up right on the water. Hopefully it’ll be good! Monday is a family beach day with the girls of the family, so we’re praying the nice weather stays around! 

Hope everyone has a good weekend!

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