Connecting with me!

First off, let me give a big THANKS to all my new followers and the people that have been liking my posts. I appreciate it so much and it makes me so happy to see that you are liking what I’ve been posting. I’m going to try my best to post more often (and when I do, I’ll try to not do it at almost midnight like usual!) The posts will still be a cluster-mess of random topics that I come across; I hope thats okay!

With all my new followers, I figured I’d let you guys know how to connect with me outside of WordPress. As a social media intern for Hidden Baby, I spend such a ridiculous amount of time on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and I’ve realized how great tools they are. Social media outlets are such good networking tools, nevertheless keeping up with your favorite people, celebrities, and the randoms that you don’t actually know in real life (like me!) The best part is that it’s not really work to use social media; it’s so simple and easy and we do it constantly without knowing it. So I figured how you guys can follow me!

Obviously, you can click the good old follow buttons on my blog for Twitter and Facebook; or at least I’m pretty sure my page has them (I should probably check). But outside the buttons, you can get connected and start creeping on me here!:

Twitter: @amandaaaxo

Instragram: @amandaadsit


I’m looking forward to seeing all of your lovely faces and avatars! I’ll try to post again tonight when I get out of NYC and home from my internship. I have a cool beauty post for you all!

Side note: you should all go follow Hidden Baby, the handbag and accessories line that I intern at on all of their social media sites, as they’re all mostly run by yours truly! Get clicking!


Twitter: @hiddenbaby

Instagram: @hiddenbaby

Have a good hump day!!


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