Tuesday Morning Reading


Sitting at my desk this morning, catching up on the news, I came across an article on Fortune that really stuck out to me and I thought it had some really good advice for young people like myself in it, and I thought I’d share!130701114910-cyrus-massoumi-620xa

The article features Cyrus Massoumi (pictured above- credit to Fortune), the CEO of ZocDoc and was in their Brainstorm Tech Spotlight section. It features 10 questions that were asked of the CEO regarding his opinions on school, clearing his head, and the business world as a whole. I think he poses some really good points in his answers; I found them inspiring as a future success (hopefully) business leader.

He says that ” it’s better to try and fail, than fail to try”. I think this applies to anyone and everyone. As a college student, trying to apply for internships and jobs and make connections, I need to realize this. Half the time, I’ll be considering applying for something but will be too afraid to because it’s a huge company or firm and I know that there will be hundreds of other students applying for the same position. Honestly, what’s going to be the harm in trying? If you don’t step up to do something, you have absolutely 0 chance of making it happen. I think this is good to keep in mind when you’re questioning doing something.

Another thing I loved is that he says he runs to clear his head! Even big CEO’s get out there and hit the pavement like us to clear their head and get a good workout in. Nothing fancy. Just good old running. Gotta love it!

He also provides some insight into what students should do when they are trying to break into the job market. According to him, take risks. Apply for that job that you don’t fit their requirments excatly, or the job that might not be in the concentration that you thought you’d get into. He says, “Don’t disregard a potential job opportunity just because your experience doesn’t perfectly match up with the description—you’ll be surprised what you might find.”

Just some light reading I thought I’d share. Definitely check out the article to read all of his answers. It’s a good insight into the brain of someone so high up in the business world.

3 thoughts on “Tuesday Morning Reading

  1. That’s a great article; thanks for sharing. I love his idea of ‘Humbition’, where you need to be humble and ambitious at the same time. It’s difficult to get right, and to believe in yourself without becoming arrogant, but I think it’s one of the most important things for successful people to have.

    • Such a great word. It really does combine two traits that are necessary to be successful in any sort of situation today. But I feel like they’re never thought of as hand in hand, as they should be! I’m glad you liked the article!

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