I recently discovered Bloglovin, which is a site that lets you follow blogs and you have your own feed page, where it is constantly updated with the new posts from the bloggers you follow. For me, this was a godsend. I have all of these great blogs that I find that aren’t on WordPress, but I absolutely hate following them through email as it just becomes too much and blows up my phone since i’d get an email every time a blogger posted something.

I found out about Bloglovin through another blog that I follow on here (I am dreadfully sorry if you were the one who recently posted about this and I can’t remember who you are!) I decided to check it out. It was impeccably easy to set up. You have to create an account, but all that they need is your email and password, or you can sign up with your Facebook account. After getting started, I was able to type in blogs that I knew of, AND it also showed me the top blogs in the US for a ton of different categories and all I had to do was click “follow”. Now their posts show up on my Bloglovin homepage! I have the ability to like their posts, mark a post as “read” if I have no desire to read it and you can sort by the ones that you have read and those that you have not. It’s genius.

Another thing that’s great about it is that you can claim you own blog. By posting a link in a new blog post that they give you (check out my post here), they will pick up that this is your blog and you can control it through them. Also, they will give you the code to put into you blog into a widget to get the “Follow me on Bloglovin!” button on your page. Click mine!!!

If you are someone who reads a ton of blogs from a variety of different blog hosts, I would highly recommend making a Bloglovin account.

If you do have one, let me your experiences with it! I just started it a few days ago so I’m still fairly new to it 🙂

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