2 words: food baby.

So far, this weekend has been one of those hectic, crazy, out of control weekends that I absolutely love. And I’m sure that it’s just going to get better with a little outlet shopping this afternoon 🙂

As the end of June rolls around, it’s graduation time for all of those little high school seniors, including my younger brother. Even though he doesn’t technically graduate till this Tuesday, my family threw his big family dinner party last night, as it worked well with my mom’s work schedule. We held the dinner at Lunello’s Montville Inn in Montville, NJ. My family had actually never been there before, but we frequently hold parties at another Lunello’s in Cedar Grove and had heard rave reviews about this one as it just opened. Hoping the reviews wouldn’t fail us, we decided to book it there.


We showed up and it turns out that the restaurant, as the title suggests, is actually the restaurant for a small bed and breakfast-looking in. After the valet took our car, we walked inside and were immediately stunned. The place was gorgeous! Painted in warm colors and inviting looking seats, it was classy and elegant. The night started with some drinks at the bar, manned by two wonderfully kind bartenders who really took care of us.

Then we went down to the private room in the wine cellar, where our party was set to take place. It was perfect. Secluded from the rest of the restaurant, it was quiet and the perfect size for our party of 20. The best part? Since it was it’s own room, all of the toddlers in my family could run around and laugh and cry without disrupting the rest of the restaurant. Absolutely amazing. And it get’s even better. The food? To die for. Given that I’ve been on a hard-core diet, I was ready to give in and just eat. And trust me, I did. There were plenty of appetizers, all perfectly italian and there was such an array of entrees to pick from. The chicken I had was seasoned to perfection and I ate the whole in a scarfing down manner in probably like 5 minutes. My boyfriend looked at me like I was crazy, but it was just too good to take my time. The dessert was great as well (considering I made the cake) but they provided us with plenty of fruit salad and cappuccinos. We ended the night back at the bar for one last glass of wine and we couldn’t be happier.

The only bad thing about the night? I woke up the morning with a HUGE food baby. Honestly, I look like I’m pregnant. I couldn’t even bring myself to step on the scale this morning. I immediately drove myself to the gym and swam for almost an hour. It was the only way to get out of the slump that I was sure was going to hit in about 30 minutes after I woke up. Definitely going to follow it up with a run later today.

If any of you are looking for a classy, italian restaurant in the Northern Jersey area, I highly recommend Lunello’s. It was perfect and for the price of around $25 an entree, it was great.

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