The City Life

I am finally getting used to commuting into the city. I’ve seen my dad do it every day since I was born, but besides going into NYC for concerts or to spend the day there with friends, I’ve never been an avid city-goer. Now that I have to go into the city once a week for my internship, I have a new respect for people who do it everyday.

I’m extremely lucky that my hometown has a train station that goes directly to Newark, and from then I hop onto the PATH train. I used to be getting off at 14th street, as the office building I was working out of was on 18th. However, the location of the co-working space moved on us and was now on 23rd and today was my first day going there. The down side? I had NO idea where I was going. I was just getting good at finding my way to the old building, and that’s with the run-through I did right before the internship started. Today, I was all on my own. It didn’t help that I was running a bit late; hoping off the train at 9:26 when I needed to be in the office by 9:30. So as I’m running around 23rd looking for this building, iPhone in hand with Maps doing its magic, I must have looked like the stereotypical new person in New York City. Nevermind that I’ve been going in for 5 weeks now. It was essentially a whole new experience for me.

I have to give props to the people who do commute every day though (getting back on track here…) Navigating the trains and trying to find a seat in the middle of rush hour is a headache in itself, nevertheless being crammed between people on the PATH trains. Man, do they really fill those trains before they pull away from the platform. And if you get stuck next to the person who didn’t shower that morning, well you’re in for a longgg ride. I’m getting the hang of pushing through people in a mad dash to get a seat and have somewhat mastered the art of train surfing without holding on to anything (only in flats though. heels? another story) By the end of the summer, I’m sure I’ll be a pro.

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